The CAS Institute: Frequently Asked Questions

August 3, 2016

Last November, the CAS announced the formation of The CAS Institute (iCAS), a subsidiary of the CAS offering new credentials and specialized professional education for quantitative professionals. The first credentials to be developed and granted by The CAS Institute will focus on predictive analytics and data science.

In response to the continued high level of interest in the program, the CAS periodically updates a set of Frequently Asked Questions. The most recently update (July 2016) features information about the main requirements of the first credential.

In February, the CAS announced the formation of a panel of leading practitioners in predictive analytics and data science whose mission is to define the curriculum for the inaugural credential. Additional information about the credential will be available later this fall. For more information about The CAS Institute, see the original announcement.

How Can I Get Started?

Take these steps to start on your path towards earning credentials from The CAS Institute.

Other Credentials

Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA)

Analytics professionals can earn our new credential to demonstrate their expertise

Catastrophe Risk Management

Professionals can earn one or both of our new credentials