Predictive Analytics and Data Science

The CAS Institute has assembled the following list of professional education resources related to predictive analytics and data science. Analytics professionals can view a list of current published work on the subject (ranging from scholarly/technical to non-technical), as well as in-person education opportunities related to predictive analytics that will help fulfill continuing education requirements.

Coming Events

 Data Table and Tidyverse in R – January 31, 2019

Machine Learning Webinar – February 7, 2019

Joint CIA/iCAS/SOA Predictive Analytics Seminar – February 27, 2019

iCAS Predictive Analytics Community of Practice EventMarch 25, 2019 at the 2019 Ratemaking, Product and Modeling Seminar & Workshops

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UCAS – University of CAS (online professional education)

Introduction to the Use of Machine Learning in the P&C Insurance Industry

Recordings in Predictive Modeling/Analytics: The CAS Institute has selected these 16 top-rated recordings of past sessions at CAS events that address topics in predictive modeling and analytics, such as, GLMs, machine learning, decision trees, Bayesian analysis, and more. Available to iCAS members for only $89.

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The Database of Actuarial Research (DARE) contains over 5,000 records, including full-text journal articles and book citations, on actuarial science research in the property-casualty fields. Everything that CAS has published appears here plus more from outside organizations.

CAS Publications


Enhancing the Generalized Linear Modeling Approach with Machine Learning Technique

Ratemaking for a New Territory: Enhancing GLM Pricing Model with a Bayesian Analysis
Jing Zhang and Tatjana Miljkovic

CAS Monographs

CAS Monograph No. 3Stochastic Loss Reserving Using Generalized Linear Models by Greg Taylor and Gráinne McGuire



CAS Monograph No. 5Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Rating by Mark Goldburd, Anand Khare, and Dan Tevet



CAS Monograph No. 6 – A Machine-Learning Approach to Parameter Estimation by Jim Kunce and Som Chatterjee

Variance Journal

Rating Endorsements Using Generalized Linear Models
By Edward W. Frees, Gee Lee

Recent Articles in the Actuarial Review

2018 Predictive Analytics Marketplace
A Supplement to Actuarial Review

Predictive Modeling Three Part Series
Predictive Modeling: The Quest for Gold
Predictive Modeling: Actuaries Blaze New Analytical Frontiers
Predictive Prudence

The Coming Revolution in Actuarial Modeling – Election Day Lessons for the Predictive Data Analyst
by Stephen Mildenhall, CSPA, Ph.D., FCAS, ASA, MAAA, CERA

Published Books

Predictive Modeling Applications in Actuarial Science: Volume 1, Predictive Modeling Techniques

Predictive Modeling Applications in Actuarial Science: Volume 2, Case Studies in Insurance


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