Membership in The CAS Institute


Become a member and join a professional community of quantitative specialists.

Member participation drives our professional activities and forums. While many of our members will earn an iCAS credential, others will encourage and support those pursuing an iCAS credential. Membership is recommended especially for those who are active in the practice communities established by iCAS.  You do not need to hold or pursue an iCAS credential to be a member.

Membership runs from October 1 -September 30.  Annual dues are $250.

Practice Communities

By joining The CAS Institute, you will be connected with other quantitative professionals in your specialty area who face similar challenges and opportunities.

When you become a member of iCAS you will automatically be enrolled in the iCAS Practice Community for Predictive Analytics and Data Science.  Additional practice communities will be added as iCAS expands into other fields with additional credentials for quantitative specialists.

We are always looking for volunteers and suggestions to help develop our practice communities.  As an iCAS Member, you will be able to select any of the iCAS practice communities or to help start a new community. iCAS Members can belong to one or more of practice communities based on their areas of interest.

Who is Required to be a Member?

At the present time, membership is required for those seeking waivers available for certain CSPA credential requirements and for those who want to apply for the CSPA credential through our Experienced Practitioner Pathway.  Membership is also required for those who wish to take the CSPA exam on predictive modeling or to register for the CSPA case study project.  Those who receive an iCAS credential will need to maintain their membership in order to keep their credential.

Ethics and Professionalism

All members, whether credential holders or not, agree to follow the Ethical Principles for Professionals found in the Professionalism section of the website.  Continuing professional development (CPD) requirements will apply to CSPA credential holders.  A group of experienced CSPAs will be developing these requirements in the near future.

Non-Member Options

If you would like to stay informed about The CAS Institute without joining, please complete our email sign-up form to receive monthly updates.

Contact Amy Brener, Director of The CAS Institute, with any questions about membership in The CAS Institute.


How Can I Get Started?

Take these steps to start on your path towards earning credentials from The CAS Institute.

Other Credentials

Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA)

Analytics professionals can earn our new credential to demonstrate their expertise

Catastrophe Risk Management

Professionals can earn one or both of our new credentials