Credential Curriculum

1. Property – Casualty Insurance Fundamentals
This course covers the core principles underlying property-casualty insurance and risk management, and introduces the primary concepts needed for analyzing and modeling P&C data and risks.

  • Intro to Risk Management
  • Insurance Company Operations including Marketing, Underwriting, Auditing, Actuarial and Claims
  • Insurance Policy Analysis
  • Common Coverages
  • Factors Affecting Exposure to Loss
  • Regulation
  • Basic Concepts and Functions of Ratemaking & Reserving

Detailed Learning Objectives for Property – Casualty Insurance Fundamentals

2. Data Concepts and Visualization
This course covers the foundational concepts and tools associated with preparing and managing data and datasets to be used in quantitative analyses, predictive modeling and data analytics with applications for P&C insurance.

  • Data Sources
  • Data Access
  • Data Usage
  • Data Quality
  • Insurance Applications
  • Regulations
  • Data Tools
  • Exploration
  • Univariate Analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Visualization

Detailed Learning Objectives for Data Concepts and Visualization

Introduction to External Readings for Data Concepts and Visualization

Corrections and Clarifications-Data Concepts and Visualization

3. Predictive Modeling – Methods and Techniques
This course covers the concepts, methods and tools used for statistical analyses, predictive modeling and data analytics with applications for P&C insurance applications. The focus of this course is on advanced tools using various multivariate regression techniques, statistical modeling, machine learning and practical applications.

  • Identifying the business problem
  • Designing the model
  • Preparing the data
  • Selecting features
  • How to choose a model
  • Interpreting the output
  • Sharing the output

Detailed Learning Objectives for Predictive Modeling – Methods and Techniques

Study Note: Model Validation and Holdout Data

4. Case Study Project

This project demonstrates a candidate’s ability to apply the knowledge and skills covered in the first three courses.

Examples of project areas include:

  • Claims
  • Underwriting
  • Ratemaking/Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Performance

5. Ethics and Professionalism Course

This course covers ethical behavior crucial to preserving the trust in the work and opinions of a professional.  The ethics course addresses the expectations for insurance practitioners and uses insurance case studies to outline an ethical framework. The course focuses on insurance transactions and maintaining the public’s trust in insurance.

CE-Approved Online Ethics Courses

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