CAS Expands into Specialty Credentials; New CAS Institute to Launch Credential in Predictive Analytics And Data Science

November 16, 2015

iCAS logoArlington, VA, November 16, 2015 – The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) announces the creation of The CAS Institute, an organization offering new credentials and specialized professional education for quantitative professionals looking to remain current in their field. The CAS Institute will develop a curriculum for each of its offered specialty areas, initially covering advanced topics such as predictive analytics and data science. CAS President Bob Miccolis, FCAS, formally introduced The CAS Institute today during the CAS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

The CAS Institute is a subsidiary of the CAS and brings the rigorous CAS educational standards to a wider community of quantitative specialists seeking to earn specialized, in-demand credentials and quality professional education to address talent demands, both today and in the future.  The CAS will continue to offer actuarial credentials, while The CAS Institute will offer specialty credentials.

“The first credentials to be developed and granted by The CAS Institute will focus on predictive analytics and data science,” said Miccolis.  “Additional credentials will follow in other areas of specialization such as catastrophe modeling, capital modeling and quantitative reinsurance analysis.  The market demands proven specialized knowledge and competency in today’s competitive environment, and our new credentials will provide the solution for experts and their employers to demonstrate such expertise.”

The new credentials are targeted to appeal to a wide range of experts, including actuaries, in recognition of their specialized knowledge and their skills in solving real world practical problems – especially in practice areas where predictive analytics, data science, and other quantitative skills overlap with actuarial skills.

Candidates for The CAS Institute credentials will follow a pathway that includes a relevant course of study as well as assessments of practical knowledge and competency.  Eligibility requirements will also consider completed academic degrees and relevant coursework, published technical papers and other evidence of expertise in the respective fields.

The CAS Institute will also develop a code of conduct and guidelines for continuing professional development.

For more information, please see the FAQ about The CAS Institute.

How Can I Get Started?

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