The Nexus of Climate Data, Insurance, and Adaptive Capacity

The Nexus of Climate Data, Insurance, and Adaptive Capacity
November 8-9, 2018 in Asheville NC

Societies depend on insurance to help recover from natural disasters, and also to help guide the development of resilient infrastructure and markets. However, decision-makers in the insurance industry are faced with rising climate risks, which must be properly measured and managed. This workshop will address how climate risks can be better measured and managed by the insurance industry.

Specifically, this workshop will facilitate a national, interdisciplinary scientific research discussion on modeling and managing climate change risks between three different but related research communities: the climate modeling and data community, statisticians, and researchers within the insurance and reinsurance industries. This workshop will be aimed at active scientific researchers in each community, with the goals of: sharing perspectives, methods, and databases; defining gaps of existing research; and forming actionable research paths which can only be addressed by teams which are new, collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Invited speakers include: Deke Arndt (NCEI), Dan Cooley (Colorado State), Stephanie Herring (NOAA), Jeremy Hess (U-Washington), Jennifer Jurado (Broward County, FL), Lysa Porth (U-Manitoba), Doug Nychka (Colorado Mines), Raghuveer Vinukollu (Munich Re), and Roy Wright (IBHS). This workshop is organized jointly by SAMSI, RAA, RENCI, and WFU-CEES, with additional support from the NSF, SOA and CAS.

To apply for registration, go to Funding is available for students and early career researchers. The organizers invite you to forward this to parties you think may be interested.

For all questions, please contact Rob Erhardt at

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