ISCM and The CAS Institute Launch New Education and Credentialing Program for Catastrophe Risk Professionals

November 6, 2018

Arlington, Va., November 6, 2018 – The International Society of Catastrophe Managers (ISCM), a professional association promoting catastrophe management professionalism within the insurance industry, and The CAS Institute (iCAS), a subsidiary of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) offering specialty credentials to professionals, today announced the launch of a new education and credentialing program for catastrophe risk professionals.

Having previously announced a partnership to develop educational tools and resources for catastrophe risk management professionals, the organizations today have introduced two new credentials that build upon knowledge and practice in this field and provide a benchmark for knowledge and skills in catastrophe risk:

  • Certified Specialist in Catastrophe Risk (CSCR) – a base credential that demonstrates a thorough understanding of essential catastrophe risk principles; and
  • Certified Catastrophe Risk Management Professional (CCRMP) – an advanced credential that recognizes the essential knowledge and mastery in the application of the principles and analytics in catastrophe risk management.

The curriculum for the two credentials will be overseen by a Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC), comprised of leaders from ISCM and iCAS; specific learning objectives and exams or assessments for each credential will be developed by an expert panel of thought leaders in catastrophe risk. ISCM and iCAS will also provide a community of practice and opportunities for continuing education and collaboration to support catastrophe risk management professionals.

“Our new credentials are evidence of professionalism and value that has been brought to the management of catastrophe risk over the past quarter of a century,” said ISCM President Nicholas DiMuzio. “The new credentials will allow current and emerging catastrophe risk management professionals to demonstrate the technical and professional skills needed in our rapidly changing field.”

“Our partnership with ISCM leverages the strength from both of our organizations, allowing us to deliver unparalleled resources to catastrophe risk professionals and also provide employers with a definitive professional standard in catastrophe risk management,” said Bob Miccolis, FCAS, chair of the iCAS Leadership Advisory Council. “The CSCR and CCRMP credentials will significantly expand The CAS Institute’s portfolio of specialty professional credentials for quantitative practice areas.”

Registration is now open for the first course and exam. Additional information about the credential requirements can be found at

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The International Society of Catastrophe Managers (ISCM) is a professional association that promotes catastrophe management professionalism within the insurance industry. The ISCM is a global organization with members in over 25 countries and provides forums for exchange of ideas, understanding current catastrophe management issues, and networking among catastrophe managers.

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