Application Deadline for CSPA via Experienced Practitioner Pathway (EPP) Extended

October 25, 2017

The CAS Institute Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) has extended the application deadline for the Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA) credential through the Experienced Practitioner Pathway (EPP) until June 30, 2018.  As LAC member Joanne Spalla explained, “As we get out there to visit more and more employers to spread the news about the CSPA, more and more applicants are completing their EPP applications.” In addition, there has been increased interest among our international counterparts.

The Experienced Practitioner Pathway was designed for those who have been practicing in the area of predictive analytics and data science in P-C insurance for five or more years. Applicants first join The CAS Institute and then complete an application detailing their experience in the four areas covered by the exams: P-C Insurance, Data Concepts and Visualization, Predictive Modeling, and Projects.  They also have to have taken a relevant professionalism course.

CAS Institute director Amy Brener has seen a steady flow of EPP applications received.  “As we continue to share our message, whether it’s in person when visiting employers or attending conferences, through the webinar we held earlier this month, or by word of mouth by others who have already obtained the credential, we continue to receive a substantial number of applications each month.  I’m gratified that the LAC chose to extend the application deadline so we can bring more and more qualified practitioners into iCAS’ predictive analytics/data science community of practice.”

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