Career Center Best Practices

The CAS Institute (iCAS) offers companies the opportunity to post job openings in its Career Center. In posting jobs through this service, companies should abide by the following practices

  1. All postings must be for a legitimate opening seeking a professional with a qualification or interest in areas addressed by The CAS Institute.
  2. Only one position can be advertised in each posting. If a position is filled, a new one cannot be switched out. Each posting purchased is for one job only.
  3. Only list the location for the position being advertised. Embellishing the location field will result in the removal of your posting. Descriptions such as Northeast or Southeast are allowed as long as the states listed fall into those areas; any state outside of that area will be removed.
  4. Be sure to list as much information as possible regarding the company, position, requirements and application process.
  5. As a courtesy to candidates, please include a direct link to the individual job description on your site.
  6. In addition to listing an application contact, you can also allow online applications to be accepted through your career center account.
  7. Showcase information about your company and display a company logo with your posting by creating a Company Profile.
  8. No postings will be made for an employer who does not practice equal opportunity.
  9. Save time by creating a template for positions that are posted frequently.
  10. Once posted, you can edit the posting at any time as needed and you should remove the position once it is filled. The CAS Institute is not responsible for removing it.
  11. The job posting will run the duration indicated in the description. Four days before the job posting is set to expire you will receive a renewal reminder should you be interested in renewing the posting.
  12. Payment options include Credit Card and PayPal. No invoices and no checks are accepted.
  13. For job postings for government positions, please contact Cecily Marx ( for more information. If you are a university interested in posting a job advertisement please contact Tamar Gertner for the code for a free job posting.
  14. The posting of an open position does not constitute knowledge, endorsement, or approval by iCAS, nor does iCAS accept any liability for the content of any listing.

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