Claim Levels Analytics Webinar

March 8, 2018

The largest expense items for the vast majority of property and casualty insurance companies are for loss payments and loss adjustment expenses for insured claims. It is important that insurers understand those claims and what’s driving them. Traditional actuarial loss reserving methods respond too slowly to be truly informative of changes underlying claims trends.

This webinar will cover some simple approaches to claims analytics and quickly move towards more thorough ways to model claims characteristics, such as identifying opportunities for claim recoveries, identifying fraudulent claims, performing claims triage, predicting claim severity. We’ll also discuss how to use those models to build, test and validate models for loss reserves (the money insurers have to set aside for future claim payments).

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Intended Audience

This webinar will be of particular interest to those who work in the areas of Accounting/Financial Reporting, Claims, Executive Management, Planning – Strategic and Financial, Regulation, Reinsurance, Research/Teaching, and Reserving.


The opinions expressed by speakers at this event are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the CAS or The CAS Institute.


Ron Lettofsky, Arity
At Arity, Ron analyzes vehicle driving behavior to help insurers improve their pricing algorithms. Ron used to build claim models at Fireman’s Fund and Allianz, and was the chairperson of the CAS Claims Level Analytics Working Party.

Fernando Alvarado, Travelers
Fernando Alvarado has worked in ERM for the past five years at Travelers. His has worked on claim modeling, capital modeling and cost of capital allocation methodologies, predictive modeling, and internal model validation. He currently chairs the CAS Committee on Dynamic Risk Modeling.

Chris Nyce, KPMG LLP
Chris Nyce is a Partner at KPMG. He is the appointed actuary for a number of major US and Bermuda companies, and has practical experience building claim level models for use in reserving and business performance analysis.


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