Waivers Available for the First CSCR Exam

April 21, 2020

Did you know that waivers for CSCR Exam 1: Property Insurance Fundamentals are available for the following individuals?

  1. Those who have earned the FCAS, ACAS, CSPA, or CPCU credential;
  2. Those who have passed both CAS Online 1 and CAS Online 2 or iCAS PC1; and
  3. Those who have passed the Chartered Insurance Institute’s London Market exams LM1 and LM3;

AND who have also passed The Institute’s ARe 144 exam.

Those who have met one of these requirements but who have not passed The Institute’s ARe 144 course will need to read and take a brief “open book quiz” on some assigned reading before receiving the waiver.

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