The CAS Institute Announces the Formation of Its First Board of Directors

December 11, 2018

The CAS Institute Announces the Formation of Its First Board of Directors

The CAS Institute (iCAS) is a subsidiary of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and the CAS Board of Directors has served as the Board for The CAS Institute.

The CAS Board recognized that, in order to build on its successes and move more quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, The CAS Institute needed a clearer and more nimble governance structure that will provide a clearer operating model and certainty about who will make key decisions regarding.  iCAS will now be governed by a separate six member Board of Directors composed of recently appointed iCAS President Joanne Spalla, iCAS Director Amy Brener, CAS Executive Director Cynthia Ziegler and the following three directors appointed by the CAS Board:

  • Frank Chang
  • Stephen Mildenhall
  • Pete Miller

The CAS Board appointed Pete Miller as Chair of the 2019 iCAS Board for a one-year term.  Future Directors will serve rotating 3-year terms with one new Director appointed each year.  An Executive Team reporting to the iCAS Board will execute its strategy.

In announcing this change, CAS Board Chair Brian Brown, stated, “It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since The CAS Institute was launched.  Under Bob Miccolis’s leadership iCAS has accomplished much during this time period.  I especially want to thank Bob Miccolis for his vision and leadership in creating The CAS Institute.  Bob will continue to be involved in our partnership with the International Society of Catastrophe Managers (ISCM) and serve as a strategic advisor to Joanne Spalla and the iCAS Executive Team.”

Notable iCAS accomplishments to date include:

  • Membership has grown to almost 400 professionals representing over 200 companies.
  • 245 professionals have been awarded the CSPA credential through the Experienced Practitioner Pathway.
  • All three CSPA exams, as well as the case study project, have been released and candidates have already registered for more than 300 assessments.
  • Two new credentials in catastrophe risk management in partnership with ISCM were recently announced.

Incoming iCAS President Joanne Spalla stated, “I look forward to working with our new Board of Directors to build on the accomplishments to date and to explore new opportunities to expand The CAS Institute.”

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