Syllabus for Predictive Modeling – Methods and Techniques – Available Now

January 26, 2018

The final syllabus for iCAS’s Predictive Modeling – Methods and Techniques requirement is now available. Candidates can now get a complete look at what will be expected of them.

“Our curriculum developers and question writers did an outstanding job in sourcing the study material. They did their best to minimize the out of pocket cost to the candidates. I am thrilled that so much of the material is available free of charge on line; we have supplied links to all those materials so that candidates can download and study them now even before we’ve had a chance to arrange for a consolidated package,” Amy Brener, Director of iCAS, explained. “We will continue to add details and resources (such as three outstanding study notes), but all the information a candidate needs to prepare is there.”

Before candidates can enroll for this exam, they need to have fulfilled the Ethics and Professionalism requirement by taking one of the two courses provided free of charge by The Institutes, the CAS Course on Professionalism, or an equivalent course. In addition, exam takers must be members in good standing of The CAS Institute in order to register.

Unlike the first two requirements of the credential – P-C Insurance Fundamentals and Data Concepts and Visualization – which are offered during two-month long exam windows at Prometrics testing sites, this exam will be offered on a specific date twice a year. The first offering will be in June. Candidates will take this exam on line from a location of their choice using a remote proctor. Technical and registration details will be forthcoming.

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