iCAS Subject Matter Experts Present at The Data Science Conference in Seattle

September 20, 2017

Jim Guszcza, FCAS, CSPA, MAAA, Ph.D., chief data scientist at Deloitte, and Glenn Meyers, FCAS, CERA, Ph.D., former vice president and chief actuary at ISO Innovative Analytics, will be sharing their analytics expertise this week at The Data Science Conference in Seattle.

The two day event, which will feature talks on data science, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other related topics, will be attended by accomplished data scientists from a wide variety of domains.

Guszcza and Meyers are scheduled to present at the following sessions:

Predictive Modeling in Actuarial Science: A Historical Perspective
Glenn Meyers
Thursday, September 21 – 10:10-10:40 AM

In this session, Meyers will explain how and why predictive modeling in actuarial science has evolved over the past 50 years. It will highlight the data that were used in these models, and how the methodologies evolved to accommodate these data. The session will conclude with a description of some of the modeling challenges that actuaries face today, as well as a brief overview of the Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA) designation from The CAS Institute.

Why Design Thinking is Necessary for Effective Data Science
Jim Guszcza, Deloitte Consulting
Friday, September 22 – 8:30-9:00 AM

While data science is typically framed in terms using data, sound statistical methodology, and machine learning tools to produce valuable insights, another hallmark of data science is its practical nature:  algorithmic indications are meant to be acted upon. In this session, Guszcza will use theories from psychology and behavioral economics to explore the idea that user-centered design belongs in the data scientist’s conceptual toolkit.

Both Guszcza and Meyers serve as predictive analytics subject matter experts for The CAS Institute; Guszcza also holds The CAS Institute’s CSPA credential. To learn more about the credential, visit TheCASInstitute.org.

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