iCAS’ Second Predictive Analytics Community of Practice Event

April 30, 2018

The CAS Institute held its Second Predictive Analytics Community of Practice Event on Monday, March 19. More than 30 members of iCAS discussed a variety of topics, including “Bringing Actuarial Science into the Data Science Fold,” presented by Chris Monsour; Claims Analytics, presented by Ron Lettofsky; How to Win an Analytics Competition, led by Scott Sobel; and Data Preparation Tools and Issues, presented by Louise Francis and Hernan Medina. The group also had a lively discussion on the Social Implications of Using Data, facilitated by Bob Miccolis. Attendees also learned about research and volunteer opportunities within the iCAS community.

Following the all-day program, participants were joined by other iCAS members at a reception hosted by iCAS Director Amy Brener.

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