You want to find and retain the best, brightest, and most committed analytics professionals. For over 100 years, the CAS has prepared more than 7,000 actuaries to work for organizations just like yours. And then we’ve provided a career’s worth of knowledge and resources to ensure that those professionals achieve their very best. We’re bringing the same rigorous CAS credentialing and continuing education resources to analytics professionals.

Companies will benefit from employees who pursue credentials from The CAS Institute, as our credentials will:

  • Allow your analytics professionals to leverage the knowledge and expertise gained through our credentialing program to make an impact on your organization.
  • Provide your analytics professionals with Property – Casualty Insurance Fundamentals so that can apply their technical skills to the context of the insurance business.
  • Deepen your analytics professionals’ loyalty to your organization as you support them in obtaining our credentials
  • Continually be reviewed and refined to ensure constant alignment with the skills that analytics professionals need to know today.

Learn how your analytics professionals can start working towards our first credential offering, the Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA).

How Can I Get Started?

Take these steps to start on your path towards earning credentials from The CAS Institute.

Other Credentials

Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA)

Analytics professionals can earn our new credential to demonstrate their expertise

Catastrophe Risk Management

Professionals can earn one or both of our new credentials